Bangkok Walking Tours and Day Trip

Tour 1:  Bangkok 8 hours duration fee (US$) pax
Without car 8h

      $150         $170    $190

   1-2        3-4       5-6    

 With car (additional cost) 8h $100  
Tour 2: Bangkok 6 hours duration fee (US$) pax
Without car 6h

      $130         $150    $170

    1-2        3-4    5-6

 With car (additional cost) 6h $90  
Tour 3: Bangkok 4 hours duration fee (US$) pax
Without car 4h

      $110           $130     $150

    1-2         3-4        5-6   

With car (additional cost) 4h $80  
Tour 4: Ayutthaya duration fee (US$) pax
With car   8h-9h  

  $250     $260   $280 

    1-2         3-4     5-6



Admission (per person) :

  • Grand Palace   500 Baht
  • Reclining Buddha Temple   200 Baht
  • Golden Buddha Temple   40 Baht
  • Wat Arun   50 Baht.
  • Marble Temple   50 Baht
  • Jim Thompson Museum   200 Baht
  • Bangkok National Museum   200 Baht
  • Museum of Comtemporary Art   250 Baht
  • Mahanakorn Sky Walk   1,050 Baht
  • Golden Mount   50 Baht
  • Suan Pak Gard Museum   100 Baht
  • Museum of Siam   100 Baht
  • Boat  1,500 Baht/1-2 people,   1,800 Baht/3-4 people,   2,000 Baht/5-6 people



Admission (per person) :

  • Bang Pa In Palace    100 Baht
  • Wat Prasisanpet    50 Baht
  • Wat Mahathat    50 Baht
  • Wat Chaiwattanaram    50 Baht
  • Wat Yaichaimongkol    20 Baht
  • Boat   1,000 Baht/1-2 people,   1,500 Baht/3-4 people,   1,800 Baht/5-6 people


Day Trip (Ayutthaya Tour, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Tour, River Kwai Tour) The tours take around eight to ten hours and payable at the end of the tour in Thai baht or US dollar. This is the cost of the entire tour, not the per-person cost. Van, driver, tolls, and gasoline are included in this price. Lunch, snacks, refreshment along the way and entrance fees are not included in this price (these costs are usually minimal).


Package Tours For those planning to spend three or more days in Bangkok, we can offer multiple tours with discount.  If you book any three tours, we will give you a 10% discount on the total price (tour fee and car fee, if any) for instance, if you book one tour in Bangkok, one tour of Ayutthaya and another tour between Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and River Kwai.


Travel Accident Insurance We can cover participants, in the age range of 1-75 years, under our travel accident insurance plan when you book a tour with us. We do need to receive personal details for each participant in order to add you to our insurance, this information can be sent by email after confirmation of the booking. Personal details will only be shared with our insurance provider (Bangkok Insurance Public Company Limited since 1947), and not with others. By not sending the required personal information you accept that you are not covered by our insurance and that CKR VACATION CO,LTD. and its representatives can not be held liable in case of accidents. 

Travel accident insurance is included in the tour price and will cover you for the following:

  • Personal Accident Loss of Life, Dismemberment, Loss of Sight or Total Permanent Disability : 1,000,000 Baht/per person
  • Accidental Medical Expenses : 500,000 Baht/per person
  • Age of insured: 1-75 Years

In any case, we recommend that you arrange your own comprehensive medical and travel insurance with international coverage. A good international insurance will give you better coverage as our local insurance, most good international insurances will cover you for medical evacuation and access to the better international hospitals.